The ENT practice in Augsburg, Haunstetten & Königsbrunn. Naturopathic procedures.

Since 2012 Nadine Materna has been in charge of the practice of her father, Dr. med. F. Materna, one of the old-established ENT doctors in Augsburg.

After completing secondary education in Haunstetten and Augsburg city, studying medicine at the University of Innsbruck and the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, she had specialist training at the Augsburg University Hospital under Prof. Dr. med. Dr. F. X. Brunner, as well as in Munich.

Prior to assuming the practice of her father, Nadine Materna was also able to gain experience at the III. Orden Hospital in Munich and the well-known Children’s Hospital of the III. Orden for many years. She is herself a mother of twin girls.

In addition to traditional medicine, Nadine Materna applies a holistic treatment strategy involving natural remedies, such as the possibility of self-blood treatment or acupuncture. Discomfort and disease can in many cases be alleviated or cured conservatively (i.e., without surgery).

We look forward to seeing you in our practice in Augsburg Haunstetten!

Services, diagnostics, therapy

  • All ear, nose and throat examinations and therapies

  • Ear, nose and throat examinations of children, pedaudiological clarification

  • Clarification of ear noise, tinnitus and dizziness

  • Tinnitus measurement for Tinnitracks

  • Hearing aid prescription and supply (Shortened Supply Path)

  • Vocal cord examination before and after thyroid surgery

  • Immunotherapy and orthomolecular medicine

  • Psychosomatic basic care

  • Intestinal rehabilitation to increase the defense

  • Multi-step oxygen therapy

  • Phytotherapeutic advice

  • Complementary medicine

  • Acupuncture

  • Autohaemotherapy